The Rolling Scopes

This is not just another community of developers, this is something more.

For years we have been organizing meetups and conferences, where you can always learn something new, share your knowledge, discover new technologies, meet old and find new friends.

Web-related technologies stack is so broad that it is impossible to enumerate all the topics that have been covered at our events: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node, UX, UI, Testing, VR, React ...

Each time our events take place in a different city, so that makes it hard to say where the next one will take place.

We are happy to collaborate and welcome all kinds of talk proposals. Have any suggestions or feedback? Want to give a talk or conduct a workshop? Contact us on

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RS School Mentors Wanted!

"Teaching is a privilege. It's part of a Jedi's responsibility to help train the next generation."

―Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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Want to give a talk or conduct a workshop?
Eager to give a shout-out for your open source project or share your success story?
Ready to preach the must-know fundamentals of Web, JavaScript, CSS, etc.?
We welcome all kinds of talk proposals, so do not hesitate to drop a short synopsis to